QGIS crashes on startup ufter GDAL update

I have QGIS installed from Application:Geo repository. Today it started to crush during startup on my desctop machine. I suspect that this is because of recent updates of GDAL or GEOS library from the same repository. I have a desktop and a laptop with the same version of openSUSE - Leap 15. The laptop receives updates less frequently and it didn’t have the issue. I checked which updates it about to get and there are GDAL and GEOS on the list - these libraries are QGIS dependencies. I’ve installed the updates and QGIS started to crush on the laptop too. So I rolled changes back via snapper and QGIS is working on the laptop again. Unfortunately snapper is disabled on my desktop and I can’t revert updates back, and there are no previous versions of these libraries in YaST2 to install from there. Is there a way to recover QGIS on my desktop?

Here is console output from the attempt to run QGIS. It is on pastebin due to forum post characters limit.