qemu-uefi-aarch64: Problem in doc or in packages ?

i need to test some aarch64 images and looking at the docs I found this section very interesting for my goal: https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/virtualization/single-html/book.virt/index.html#sec.vt.installation.ovmf
But qemu-uefi-aarch64 are not anymore in Leap 15.1 !!!
How can I do ?

Actually UEFI support does not exist anywhere as a unique package for any version of openSUSE.

It’s available as a component of the OVMF (You might want to read up a bit about it).
It can be found in the openSUSE Software search on the following page…


Although OVMF is supported by most major virtualization technologies, I don’t know how well this package might work with something that’s not Xen or KVM.