Qemu error no bootable device on ARM

I’m on an Ampere A1 server (aarch64)

with rdp connection and i’m trying to create a Windows 10 VM with Qemu and virt-manager(and without virtualization).
So i create it via an iso file, I create a storage in the form of a qcow2 file then I don’t really change the configuration. Important thing to note is that the architecture option I choose is x86_64

Then when I first launch the VM, I got the windows icon for 5 seconds then blue screen

And then I get this black screen with white text that i can’t upload cause i’m too new saying :

SeaBIOS (version 1.15.0-1)
Machine UUID 65645465485485485etc
IPXE (https://ipxe.org) blablablabla

Booting form Hard Disk…
Boot failed : not a bootable disk
No bootable device

Maybe I havent enough memory or cpu (I have 1cpu and 4gig of memory) but I don’t really know.
So if you guys know something about please let me know what I am doing wrong that would make my day, thank you.

@4hsu Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
I think your in the wrong Forum, this is openSUSE, nothing to do with Ubuntu…

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