QEMU and what suse edition?

Okay so I want to game in Linux using a windows VM box and hopefully pass through my GPU for improved performance.
Reason been is for newer games so I can have a VM running and if it gets damaged and infected it doesn’t matter just snapshot back to start, but what edition of opensuse should I be using? The 13.1 for stability? Tumbleweed for rolling or factory? I do prefer a rolling model over periodical updates but it doesn’t matter too much.
I also plan to have a second VM for repairs, so I connect someone’s HDD and I can fix it without the viruses spreading to my HDD and then network, would this work?

Many thanks!

You realise you will need two GPUs for the passthrough to work?

Factory is still development, Tumbleweed is closest to a ‘rolling stable’ currently.

Yes I was hoping to use igpu and my dedicated GPU for it, unsure if it will work though

I’ve used Xen+passthrough in the past with great success, although I had two dedicated GPUs for it.

It doesn’t matter if you have an integrated one, Linux will see it as a separate device so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Although I haven’t seen any documentation setting up for gaming purposes,
IMO Linux Containers holds more promise for any type of use that can benefit from bare metal performance.

This avoids overhead and GPU emulation issues associated with paravirtualization and emulated I/O devices.

Pass-through as you describe might be possible but has its own limitations (eg as you’ve noted, the Guest requires complete monopolistic access to that hardware), which is not the case with Linux Containers.

Typically, you need to “x over ssh” to gain access to a graphical desktop environment in the Container. There might be other methods which are less discussed.

I imagine there should be blogs about doing this but I haven’t looked for it and evaluated.
And, as I noted I have not seen this use in any official documentation.