Qalculate-gtk Package for Suse 11


 I was wondering if there was a Qalculate-gtk package for Suse 11. I attempted to install the version from the 10.3 Build Service, but all I could find after install was the CLI version 'qalc'at that I ran from the terminal. I saw nothing in the applications menu.

I also attempted to compile from source, but there is a problem with newer versions of Libcln regarding that Qalculate uses cln-config to get the libcln version but newer versions after 1.1.0 including the version in the Suse 11 repository  use a metafile. I tried to compile an older version of libcln from source recieving Make errors at the end.

Has anyone attempted to patch it for Suse 11 or know how to get it working on Suse 11? Does anyone have any recommendations for equivilant software? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m looking for Qalculate for openSUSE 11.2 (KDE) myself. I didn’t find it yet.

But in the mean time I’m using Speedcrunch, which was in the standard repositories I have. See more here: SpeedCrunch - fast and usable calculator

But I’m still looking for Qalculate…