Q6600 quad core running slow

Hi all,

I am running OpenSuse 11 (64 bit) with KDE 3.5.9. I have an Intel Q6600 which is running slow.

In “hardware information” it is seen as an Intel Quad cpu Q6600 @ 2.4, which is correct, but further down it states that cpu MHz is 2010 which is wrong.

The Q6600 is in fact overclocked to 3 Gh and has been running OpenSuse 10.3 (64 bit) for seven months and always showing 3.015 MHz.

If I look at “computer”, “system information” it shows speed as 2010 but sometimes it changes as I watch it to speed 3015 and then back to 2010

I am protein folding and the times have gone from 19 minutes per step to 29 minutes a step.

Any help or advice would be appreciated

Best regards Keith

It sounds like the CPU frequency is set to dynamic. It is supposed to detect the load and increase the speed as needed. But in my experience, it doesn’t always do this reliably.

To check, right click the icon that looks like a power plug in the systray (lower right), and select Configure KPowersave, select the tab that says CPU Frequency Policy, and change it to performance. That should force it to always run at top speed.

Alternatively, I believe you can uninstall the package cpufrequtils and reboot. I haven’t tested this method though, so YMMV.


I have done as you said, and that seems to have fixed it. I will let it run for a while and see how it goes. Many thanks.

Best regards Keith