python2.5 RPM for OpenSuSE 11.1

Hi !
I would like to create an OpenERP 5.0.1 RPM for SuSE 11.1

To achieve this i must have python-2.5

Actually OS 11.1 has python-2.6, so i’m trying to create an python2.5 RPM

I downloaded python-2.5.2-26.4.src.rpm from OS 11.0 updates

I installed it under opensuse 11.1 x86_64 and went to /usr/src/packages/SPECS/

edited python.spec and changed the tag
Name: python
Name: python2.5

did a 'rpmbuild -v -ba python.spec"

and recieve this error:

Errores de construcción RPM:
Archivo no encontrado: /var/tmp/python2.5-2.5.2-build/usr/lib64/python2.5/lib-dynload/

Does anybody point me to something to debug ?
Thank you !