Python v2.5 and v2.6 together on openSUSE 11.1


I’m just curious if it is possible (and how to do it) to have Python 2.5 and 2.6 simultaneously installed on openSUSE?

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Yes, it’s possible. But you’ll probably have to compile python 2.5 from source.

O.k. - I got it

This is what I did:

  1. Downloaded the Python 2.5.4 source from the python website
  2. Extracted the source and read the readme
  3. used

./configure --enable-shared

  1. used


  1. used

make altinstall

doing this kept my original 2.6 version the system default.


Good that you’ve got it sorted and thank you for posting your solution maybe others find this helpful too :slight_smile:

Have a lot of fun

i’d like to install python 2.5 alongside 2.6 in opensuse 11.1
i have an (opensuse) rpm of python 2.5. is it possible with rpm or any other way to install 2.5 alongside 2.6 without overwriting 2.6?

i know there is this method:
but it would be nice to achieve this without having to compile python 2.5.

No, you’d have do it from compiling the source because the 2.5 package will use mostly the same pathnames as the 2.6 and will overwrite 2.6. It’s no use trying to extract to a different directory either. Firstly RPM won’t let you do that for non-relocatable packages and secondly the pathnames will be compiled into various places in the files.