Python troubles before i even start =(

Hi, me again.

Im starting out in python for a school project and need to compile my finished product into both windows and linux binaries. I thought i would try a simple script containing the single line:

print "Hello World!";

and try to compile it with into a binary. But i am getting some errors. I think this has something to do with modules, and is probably because of the 30 or so modules i saw not install when i built python 2.6.1 from the tarball.

here is the output from “make”… can anyone tell me whats going on?

thanks in advance =)

I’m trying to get started with this as well. I’m not too sure on the “make” file, but have you tried installing the python interpreter with YaST?

It took me some tries, but I installed 2.6 and the execution file was in /usr/bin/ and I haven’t had much problems yet.

I had the repo version of python installed but got the tarball because i wanted the freeze tool. Although you have a good point, i might update from the repos and keep safe somewhere and try it that way when i get home from school =)

Just tried re-installing all my python2.6 stuff from the repos and still no dice. If it helps anyone, here is the output from freeze that im getting. It warns about missing modules when running the script, then quits with error 1 when i try to make. :frowning: