python GASP

Graphics API for Students of Python

ubuntu already has gasp-python in their repos, no dice for opensuse thus I have no clue how to install it. I need it because I’m learning python.

A small introduction to Python Eggs —

Python Package Index : gasp 0.4.5

Should have enough info unsure how to make a proper pkg, or how to remove it but that should give you access to the module.

yep it seems to work now thanks for that.

simply installed and used the “easy_install [egg name]” command


thanks for this advice. I’m also learning python and so downloading python eggs will be very useful. I downloaded the ez_install file and ran it. The script seemed to run properly in the shell, but then i could not call it. Tried calling it with and egg file easy_install [filename.egg], and then just on its own and the interpreter reported: NameError: name ‘easy_install’ is not defined. Thought that running the install script would mean this was defined and could now be used, as per this thread? thanks for any insight!:slight_smile: