Python-based plugins support in Falkon?

Hello all,

I’ve been trying the Falkon browser, and as much as I like it, there are a few things missing for my use. So I wanted to try to install extensions, which can be written either in QML or in Python. The ones in QML seem to work fine, but I just can’t get any Python-based ones to work. I install them the same way: I get the zip file for the extension and unzip it in ~/.config/falkon/plugins/qml or ~/.config/falkon/plugins/python depending on the language. But if I open the ‘Extensions’ category in the preferences, I see the QML ones, but not the Python ones. There must be something preventing the support of Python extensions from working, but I can’t figure out what. I do have Python installed, of course, as well as PyQt. Is there something else I have to install? I searched the repositories, but didn’t see anything that seemed relevant. And searching the web didn’t return anything useful either. I’m using the latest version of Falkon available in Leap 15.3, which is 3.1.0, with QtWebEngine v5.12.7.

Any help would be appreciated!

Answering my own question for reference, since I got an answer from the Falkon mailing list: to be able to work, Python extensions require the package falkon-python, which is not available for openSuse Leap 15.3. The only openSuse distribution that supports it today is Tumbleweed. So I guess no Python extensions for me…

Did you mean python-falcon? If so then it looks like there’s a version for Leap 15.4, (bear in mind 15.3 is almost EOL).

Albeit at the moment it’s not building…

As far as I understand, this is not the same package. There seems to be a lot of things named “fal[ck]on” around, but the one I need is definitely for the Falkon web browser with a k. Thanks anyway!

OK, I was unsure about that and only asked as I was unable to find a “falkon-python”, even for TW, maybe my search–fu was not as refined as it should have been.

There is one home project which was last updated about a year ago and fails to build currently.

Well I guess that completely reinforces the OP’s comment of “*So I guess no Python extensions for me… *” even if they chose to go to TW.