python and mysql_config

I’ve installed Django and MySQL, but have some issues trying to make Django talk to MySQL.

django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: Error loading MySQLdb module: No module named MySQLdb

But the install files for MySQL-Python (MySQL for Python | Get MySQL for Python at can’t find mysql_config.

I think that mysql_config installs as /etc/my.cfg, but when I copy and change read/write rights it doesn’t match what expects.

So I try to install python-mysql with Yast, but it requires some dependencies that Yast can’t find in any package:

Deeply confused. Anyone ideas?

.15 was the older library version. For 11.2 you need a python-mysql that uses the .16 API. Or perhaps a different module. Did you perhaps get it from outside the repo? Sorry I can’t explain it if python-mysql also came from the openSUSE official repo as I don’t have it installed.

As far as I see mysql config is /etc/my.cnf on 11.2. I installed it from the repos and test seems to work. And as ken_yap mention it 16. Try installing mysql-client trhough YaST if it is not selected as dependency.

mysql_config is in the libmysqlclient-devel package. After installing it i can successfully install mysql-python