Python 3.1

Hello there.
I`ve downloaded Python 3.1 from the official site and here is question: Must I download something more,and,actually,how to install *.tgz file?)
Sorry for noob question. :wink:

I would recommend to use the packages provided from the build service. If you are using opensuse 11.2 it is already included in the standard distribution you just have to install it via YaST. Otherwise look at

Hope this helps

Since this is semi-related to the OP, I trust it won’t be considered an interruption.

I just installed python3.1 and IDLE from YaST, but I am unable to locate IDLE. I can utilize the language from konsole, but I prefer using IDLE for various reasons. :slight_smile:


you can use idle (python 3) by typing /usr/bin/idle3 in konsole. Looks like the link is missing in kde kickoff :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps

In general one does not install .tgz files. That’s should be the source which you could extract and then build if wish so. Read the README and see if there’s additional dependencies(eventually installed them), and then it probably will be something like: make and make install.
Btw, SUSE come with preconfigured vim with template for .spec files, so it also won’t be very hard to create simpe rpm yourself.
In general if you do not want to eventually handle version changes by yourself, it will be good idea to install from official repos, as was mention.

@gogo7775, I also prefer to start Idle just with double click, just save in your desktop directory file, let say idle.desktop, similar to:

[Desktop Entry]

Replace idle with idle3, and eventually choose better icon for your liking :slight_smile:
You can also right click on the kick-off and just launch the menu editor to add entry for idle. Obviously I’m assuming that you are using KDE.