I was wondering if there is any repository where to get pyside? On ubuntu it was easy to get it: PySide Binaries Linux | Qt Wiki | Qt Developer Network . For opensuse the instructions did not work (I’m on 11.4 btw.).

For opensuse I used;
buildscripts in PySide - Qt by Nokia

With some troubles (or clumsiness from my side?) but somehow it worked after some time.

And for unknown reasons I got (nearly) no search results for pyside in this forum?

Or did I do something totally wrong? Or is there just noone thinking about pyside in the opensuse world? Search Results

Maybe this helps: [ Search Results](

I)t’s done by going to Download openSUSE 11.4 , change Search options to include the homedirs of developpers, Search for ‘pyside’.

Double post, report it ? :smiley: