PyGTK, PyQt4 for python3

Are there packages for PyGTK or PyQt4 for python3? I can’t find any, only for python 2.6.

Unless I’m misreading this the conclusion is certainly for pygtk bits are close(Or just have) to being merged in the git tree. Then is looking for a maintainer but then I could be also off the mark.

This seems to explain the whys a little but tbh went a little over my head…
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As I suspect pyqt4 is in a similar place I can’t be bothered googling, but I would expect a similar thing python3 is still shiny. As for when it will be less shiny who knows but as far as I know even bleeding edge distro’s still depend on 2.6 over python3.

Mmm looks like pyqt is in a better place certainly there is a windows installer.

Yes, but that means building it. It’d be much better if openSUSE would have package for it. :frowning:

That is bleeding edge Suse has never been a bleeding edge distro, then it may well be on obs but I don’t need it, so didn’t look. Not to mention I’m on a bleeding edge distro and its not even packaged there, community or “officially” packaged.

Then I looked at easy_install but even that has changed Setuptools and easy_install for Python 3! « Lennart Regebro: Open Source, Python, Web at that point I lost interest it isn’t my problem.

I’m really not sure why you expect a rather conservative distro to support your bleeding edge demands? Then it takes contributors to package and that contributor could be you anyone can create an OBS account.

Well, python3 was released in 2008. I wouldn’t call it bleeding edge.

Python2orPython3 - PythonInfo Wiki

Short version: Python 2.x is the status quo, Python 3.x is the shiny new thing.