PXE/Network/LAN Boot: "Could not find the openSUSE Repository. Activating manual setup program"

I am trying to install openSUSE 13.1 DVD, via PXE or network boot, I am using serva as tftf server. It boots and everything works fine but then i get a message “Could not find the openSUSE Repository. Activating manual setup program”. However I successfully installed Windows 7 via PXE boot without any problems so I guess my configuration is correct but may there is something extra that I am missing in order to install a Linux operating system via PXE. Please let me know if anyone can guide me.

Thank you!

Ok well I figured it out, I thought I should share this in case anyone else is having the same problem.
So this is what I did, I configured serva on my server machine to offer HTTP services using NWA_PXE as root folder. Then after that I made changes to ServaAssist.inf and add the following line to the append
Which is now pointing towards the openSUSE DVD installation directory and offering HTTP services.

If there is something else you need then please refer to serva documentation on their website , they have a very good documentation page and covers almost everything which you need to know.

Ok now I am going back to continue my installation.

Sorry I meant ServaAsset.inf not ServaAssist.inf… Typing mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

you can find here:

the required ServaAsset.inf for PXE installing

you also have the ServaAsset.inf for booting live distros


OK, this is quite old but i had that error today and i figured out how to solve it.

I tried this and had no success. >:(
The boot-screen was loading and loading and loading…
… and then the client was rebooting and hanging after the reboot. :’(

Later i found this line in the Serva-Log:
[01/28 12:12:23.725] HTTP Inf: 200 OK. Resource [/OpenSuse64[b]//content] Client []

I assumed that the two slashes were incorrect and responsible for the failure. So i removed the slash at the end of the line.


I restarted serva and tried the bootprocess again and now i had a complete success. :slight_smile:
The Serva-Log shows a correct Path:
[01/28 12:31:32.725] HTTP Inf: 200 OK. Resource [/OpenSuse64[b]/content] Client []

The whole installation flowed smoothly.