PXE Install

Morning folks.

Currently I have my Synology NAS serving up Slackware 14.1, what I would also like is for it to serve up OpenSuse 42.1 too. My question would be,

Is there a way to serve up 2 Different Distributions?
Which file would I Edit/Create to allow some sort of Selectable Menu system?

At the moment my PXE file structure looks like

-->huge.s (Folder)
---------->bzimage (File)
---------->config (File)
---------->system.map.gz(GZ File)
--->kernels (Folder)
-------------------->bzimage (File)
-------------------->config (File)
-------------------->system.map.gz(GZ File)
--->memtest (Folder)
--->pxelinux.cfg (Folder)
------>default (File)
--->initrd.img (file)
pxelinux.0 (File)

Nevermind folks, got this sorted with a mix of examples