Pxe boot sever in combination with Kiwi Image System


i am trying to setup setup a pxe server environment in combination with the kiwi image system.

I installed the necessary software like dhcp and atftp with aptitude and configured it according to this guide.
After that I was able to boot with a laptop via network and received the ip adress according to the settings in dhcpd.conf, fine!

My next intention is to preconfigure some suse operating systems which should be installed on the client systems without any user interaction.
But before that I want to test how the whole things works with PXE and KIWI Image System.
I installed

  • kiwi
  • kiwi-desc-netboot
  • kiwi-desc-netbook-requires
  • kiwi-pxeboot
  • kiwi-templates
  • kiwi-test
  • kiwi-doc
  • kiwi-tools

According to the kiwi cookbook there are already templates which can be used for testing.
I followed the steps in section 11.1 (building pxe images) but reailzed that no template-JeOS in /usr/share/kiwi/image could be built correctly.
Afterwards I changed to the /usr/share/kiwi/image/netboot directory and had one template ( **suse-leap42.1 ) **which could be built.
But unfortunately there is the devil in the detail.

After building this example I find the following files in my build target directory:

  • plymouth.splash.active
  • initrd-netboot-suse-leap-42.1.x86_64-2.42.1.md5
  • initrd-netboot-suse-leap-42.1.x86_64-2.42.1.gz
  • a build directory

In the file /srv/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default there are settings for the paths of initrd and the kernel.
In section 11.1 of the kiwi cookbook in step 2 both files (initrd and kernel) are copied to the /srv/tftpboot/boot/initrd

My problem is that there is no kernel after building the template.
The command line output contained a line which said did you used suseStripKernel?
Indeed in /usr/share/kiwi/image/netboot/suse-leap42.1/images.sh there are the following commands suseStripKernel and suseStripInitrd. After set this commands as comments ( or any combination of them), I am not able to build this template anymore.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance