pwck: no user 'avahi-autoipd' in /etc/shadow

In preparation for upgrading to LEAP 42.3, I ran ‘pwck’ and ‘grpck’ as recommended at Upgrading the System and System Changes.

‘grpck’ gave no output, but ‘pwck -r’ produced:

no matching password file entry in /etc/shadow
add user 'avahi-autoipd' in /etc/shadow? No
user 'pulse': directory '/var/lib/pulseaudio' does not exist
pwck: no changes

I searched and found Inconsistent /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow after 13.1 installation, but it did not give any solution.

Should I be concerned about there being no user ‘avahi-autoipd’ in /etc/shadow? If so, is it likely safe to simply let ‘pwck’ add it?

And, for the nonexistent ‘/var/lib/pulseaudio’ directory, should I just create it?

I assume there should be an entry in /etc/shadow. You can try and let pwck add it. OTOH, why is it not there? It is in the 13.1 I have still around.

For /var/lib/pulseaudio I think you can ignore that. It is the home directory of user pulse, but that user should (an can) not log in. Thus IMHO it is just a “filler”. I seen this solution in several Unixes also.

Thank you for the response, Henk.

I had resolved other issues, reported by ‘pwck’ before posting, simply by removing the relevant package, removing the user & group, and then re-installing the package. But, I was hesitant to do this with ‘avahi-autoipd’ since I wasn’t sure what it was and thought that, for certain, many other packages would depend upon it.

However, I just discovered that ‘avahi-autoipd’ doesn’t rely on any other Avahi library nor is it a dependency for any other currently installed package, and so I gave it a go with the re-install process I outlined immediately above.

It fixed the issue!

Now the only issue ‘pwck’ complains about is the non-existence of ‘/var/lib/pulseaudio’. Based on your response, I’m going to ignore that and not lose any sleep.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You are welcome and have a good sleep!