I caused this problem. Website///http://radiotime.com/genre/c_2741/Police.aspx

I clicked on listen/then not working/ and I unchecked all the media. Now I only get a blank page in the not working screen and cannot re-check the media players.

Of course I want every thing to be perfect but I really goofed on this one. How to fix? I cleared my cache and every thing else to no avail.

Does ‘everything else’ include cookies?

> Website///http://radiotime.com/genre/c_2741/Police.aspx

that web site is built on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server…its default
setup may NOT serve well (or at all) to Linux…many are, by default,
unusable if you do not use a M$ system to access…nice of M$, huh??

here, using FF when i click on the button “Install Missing Plugins” to
get the missing bits, i’m told “No suitable plugins were found.
Unknown Plugin (application/x-vlc-plugin)” you too??

but, then i click it is not working and get a different stream which
activates my MPlayer Plugin…but, it doesn’t work either…

suggest you use M$ to hook to M$ servers…


You are correct in my humble opinion. However I was able to find some cookies within the website structure which I did not know was possible, but my hunt and peck life time approach to computers some times pays off, In this case I deleted the cookies and Voila the site works again on FF. It works on Opera. In both cases though
the stream drops after a bit, at least using the Reno police calls, then I have to start it again. Too bad because I find the calls interesting, and calming as well when playing solitaire. I thought for a while that my Ubuntu machine did not have the problem
but I was wrong, same thing happens with it. I am new to Suse and using it now as my primary computer, which is the best way to learn a new system. The forums have been a great help. I am at fault though for just plunging in and not reading the begining help
pages about Suse 1.1. Lesson learned. Thanks Ross