Puzzled By Yast Layout

I have two hard drives (dual boot), labeled C and D, with a copy of Windows XP Home installed on both drives. I did this in case one drive dies. At least I can boot up and get running on the other drive. At any rate,The C drive is about 300 GB, so I shrunk the C partition down to about 150 GB. Then the remainder, 151.61 GB, I formatted NTFS and labeled the partition Z.It is
this partition Z that I want to install SUSE 11.0 on.

So I put in the Suse 11.0 live CD and let it boot up to the Suse 11.0 desktop. I then clicked the install icon and began the setup process just to see what the drive layout would look like. It didn’t look right to me because it mentioned the E Drive which is my CD-RW. It also mentioned my C Partition as a mount point. I don’t know what a mount point is because I’m a Windows user, and we don’t know Jack :-). So this may be nothing to fear. Anyway, here is what Yast suggested:

-Shrink Windows partition /dev/sda2 to 50.5 GB
-Create extended partition /dev/sda3 (101.0 GB)
-Create swap partition /dev/sda5 (2.0 GB)
-Create root partition /dev/sda6 (20.0 GB) with ext3
-Create partition /dev/sda7/ (79.0 GB) for /home with ext3
-Set mount point of /dev/sda1 to /windows/C
-set mount point of /dev/sdb1 to /windows/E

Since I don’t know what I’m doing, I clicked “Create Partition Setup” rather than “Edit” in hopes I might recognize an option or two to guide me. I clicked the option to use the C 300 GB Drive, and then chose the Z Partition from the next window. It then kicked me back to a new Drive setup. Here is Yasts suggestion:

-Delete Windows partition /dev/sda2 (151.6 GB)
-Create extended partition /dev/sda2 (151.6 GB)
-Create swap partition /dev/sda5 (2.0 GB)
-Create root partition /dev/sda6 (20.0 GB) with ext3
-Create partition /dev/sda7 (129.5 GB) for /home with ext3
-Set mount point of /dev/sda1 to /windows/C
-Set mount point of /dev/sdb1 to /windows/D

Okay, that’s it. Maybe Yasts first layout was correct and I just panicked when it mentioned the E drive. Maybe both setups are wrong. I am one lost newbie at this. I just don’t want to make a mistake and risk not being able to boot onto either drive. Can anyone here make heads or tails of this? I would greatly appreciate some advice on which setup to choose or possibly an edit if needed to either one. FYI, I have my cd (drive E) set to first boot device. Could that be why its mention
in Yasts first suggested layout? Well, I’m gonna post this and hope someone can steer me rightly. Thanks for reading this.

If you wish to install opensuse on Z partition than you have to
choice customized or expert partitioning and tell suse that she has to use this partition .
If you choice fore this option she show you all you,re partition and drives.
Be sure to choice good partition
After this she comes again with a new proposal , like with partition she going to delete and where she will set the ,mount point , and with partition she going to create.
Normally 3 partition 1) SWAP
2) Linux native
3) /Home
Hope this will help

Yast is a bit like a woman, takes some time before you know how to press all the right buttons:

Read here
Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

Thanks for the advice. Will either of Yasts suggested layouts work for me? I just want to wind up with the two windows XP and the Suse option on the boot screen.

You really need to custom partition
Read the guide
Think and Think carefully.