putting a program in path

Dear All

I am not sure does the title make sense with regards to my query.

I am using OS 11.4 gnome.

I installed a program (PLINK v1.07) by compiling its source.
i compiled the source code in the following folder using “make”


Which created an executable file plink.

It works when it is in the working directory. Is there any way to run this program from any where in the system. I feel that PATH command will of help but since i am new to linux i don’t know hot to work around.

Thanks in advance

copy the executable to /home/reddy/bin

  • btw, after doing ‘make’, you’re usually supposed to do ‘make install’. Then it should install the program to /usr/bin (or better /usr/local/bin), which are in the PATH.

Thanks please_try_again it worked