Putin signs Russian Government plan to move to opensource

I saw this originally linked from slashdot.org:

open…: Putin Orders Russian Move to GNU/Linux

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a plan for transition of power structures and the federal budget [to] free software. According to the document, the introduction of Linux in government should begin in II quarter 2012.

The article goes on to quote years 2011 to 2015 being transition years. I’ll be most curious to see how this ‘pans out’ over the next 4 years, as IMHO the monopoly and presence of Microsoft in not only Operating Systems, but also in Office Applications (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software & database software) is not to be underestimated.

Despite my being an open source Linux fan, if I had to bet money, I would not be betting too much against Microsoft here, as they will ‘pull out the stops’ to ensure as best that they can that there is no Russian Government turning to the dark side (or turning from the dark side, depending on one’s software perspective).

Sounds like a good opportunity to promote LibreOffice.

oldcpu wrote:
> they will ‘pull out the stops’ to ensure as best that they can

i agree…i guess MS will waive licensing fees to near zero and
provide ‘free’ support…

but, i do not think even that will works since my guess is they
mostly wanna get away from the (surely) NSA installed back doors they
can’t find because of the closed nature of the MS code base and almost
all applications available for it…

at least with Linux/BSD and enough time they have a good chance of
finding all the well hidden traps…

another way to say this is: it is no real wonder that this decision
closely follows the very successful cyber warfare attack on Iran which
used MS based software as its operating vehicle

and, next they will move from Intel, AMD, Motorola, TI chips to get
away from built in traps there…expect in the future for nations to
move toward making their own chips and hardware…otherwise you might
as well send your most sensitive plans and secrets to the world wide
electro-bulletin board for reading by all interested parties…

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Can you show me/post the opensuse 11.3/GNOME repository for this?

The repo: Index of /repositories/LibreOffice:/Unstable/openSUSE_11.3

@oldcpu: I doubt that governments cannot live without MS etc. The silly thing is, that as soon as they convert to open source, they start to cut on labour as well (in this case too), whilst my experiences in open source converserion are, that the first year the money saved on license fees is spent on people. Yet I support any attempt made to free governments from the grip of corporate businesses.

Now I see this article. Well in my opinion is good, because Russian goverment will save money and of course people will learn linux.

Yes, corporations bend over backwards to retain government business. The gap left when the grip weakens, needs filling with expensive in-house technical support and/or expensive out-sourced services.

I wish the same become in Hellas but it wouldn’t!!!>:(

Aren’t that great news? I think they are.
And it is kinda obvious, isn’t it.
Since its open, they can see the code and (not sure about that) make changes to their needs. If they get BSD its even better.

Well, for a moment i thought MS could rule the world. Nah, i was wrong.

Well now we have both France and Russia on the cards for using free software - hooray! I can only see benefits to all of this - maybe more software for Linux? I’ve started seeing things like excellent games for linux (which have been also ported to windows / mac as well) like Amnesia - which will HOPEFULLY be the start of something bigger and better. I can’t wait :slight_smile:

If Microsoft does convince the Russian Government to change their mind, at least Russia, I am sure, would get a deep enough discount to save a HUGE chunk of cash!

If it goes through, though, I think it would have repercussions on not relying on an American company that could inadvertently slip in some killer “update” or back door to be called upon if you don’t “play nice”. Conspiracy theorists have a field day with ideas like this!

I’ve read France, Brazil and Norway are supposed to be Linux friendly, but does that mean people on the street know what it is, or is it primarily on the server-side?

France, Brazil and Norway sounds like they are really into Linux (Germany too?), but is that on the street level too? Do people use Linux individually or is this just Government/Education sectors and outside of that uses Windows to a much larger extent? Where I am, Linux is not very strong (yet).

I can say how it happens in schools: currently they have time-limited licenses from MS. After they are over, the government will say “either go to Linux of find the money for Windows licenses yourself”. The majority of school directors will choose the later variant. And they just will collect money from the parents with various threats (including various horror tales about Linux and that their childrn will not learn nercessary skills with it etc).

but, you are there to help them use Linux, right?

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Sorry for that mistake

I wish the same become in Hellas but it will not become!!!>:(