Put Video Configuration Back in YaST

Got 11.2 installed after a detour to fix a KDE startup trainwreck; I guess the KDE folks have never heard of installing new resource files along with new distributions.

Anyway, I went looking for my video configuration in YaST - where it has always lived - and it wasn’t there. After needlessly wasted time poking at the Internet, it turns out that some basement-dwelling troglodyte decided that the routine used for configuring your video system didn’t belong in the tool used for…configuration of everything else on the system.

This is stupid. Please put it back where it belongs - as part of YaST.

And consider polling actual users for their opinions in the future, instead of accepting some gearhead’s rationalization for a senseless, pointless change.

You mean those cave dwelling people who provide ungrateful people like you the OS and updates free of charge?

SaX2 has been literally untouched for years, it has bugs and flaws that were never fixed and maintaining it was becoming a useless chore now that every distribution, including SuSE, is moving towards Xorg autodetection.

SaX2 was never a YAST module hence it does not belong there.

About what I expected. No acknowledgment that there’s any sort of a problem, except with the messenger.

My video card requires configuration. YaST is all about configuration. Video card configuration belongs in YaST. Where it has always, sensibly, been.

“But it Wasn’t Invented Here” is incredibly lame. And I see after searching that there are many, you know, actual USERS who agree with me. Not that lowly users should receive any attention, of course - as long as the whole point of Linux is to remain a hobbyist’s backwater.

You can still run sax2 from the command line. By default there is also no xorg.conf file though the system will use one if present. For a lot of people this works. But you can still use Yast or nvidia-conf to create a xorg.conf if your card is not auto detected correctly.

It is also better to do a clean install rather then an upgrade because old config files can confuse things.

And it still isn’t a YaST module like every other component there is - SaX2 is a completely seperate tool that is no longer supported nor has any future - it’s been dead for a long time.

Everyone else is moving on, so will SuSE. HAL/Xorg autodetection is the future and for the most of us, the present - I don’t have an xorg.conf myself and everything works “right out of the box”.

Here, have some nails - maybe you can nail yourself to the cross so we can admire your martyrdom.

Had you read the release notes - which you didn’t - you would have already known the display configuration is now handled by the desktop tools meant for it in your respective Desktop Environment.

there is a post in the mailing list that indicates that the “demise” of Sax2 is not open for discussion, at least in the aspect of novell’s commitment to it.

simple words with heavy ramifications, which indicate that someone decided that the new framework is a proven and reliable alternative.

this smells like pulseaudio.

you can also find sax2 under start>system>configuration pretty simple if you ask me all you had to do is look for it instead going on a rampage

It’s open source so… patches are welcome.

At the risk of upsetting the openSUSE apologists in this thread, the reality is that the new video configuration is not working all that well. In fact, it has not worked for me since release 11.0. Every time I boot or reboot my computer, I have to reset the display settings—and yes, I have asked for help here and although I’ve had a lot of great suggestions, it is still not working.