Purple Splotches in encoded Xvid avi's?

I’ve been encoding a bunch of my kid’s DVD’s into Xvid avi’s for use on a standalone player. All was going great until I updated my system, and now all my XVID’s get purple splotches when I encode them. This happens in both Avidemux and FFmpeg. Has anybody else had this issue? My windows versions of Avidemux and FFmpeg both still work fine, and other codecs (H.264, etc.) seem to still work but I need Xvid for the standalone player.

Here’s what I’m running:
11.1 x64
Avidemux - 2.4.4
ffmpeg -
xvid - 1.2.1

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Take a look at post#6 on this thread. … It appears another user does (or rather did) have the same problem:
Xvid encoding in 11.1 KDE4 64bit - openSUSE Forums

I can not reproduce this problem myself (ie I do not have this problem). My guess is you have a mix of applications from both videlan and packman (and maybe another packager) and that is causing the problem (but that is just speculation on my part).

I have strictly packman rpms for my multimedia, and I do not have the problem. Its possible if you have a mix, that switching to packages from just one packager will solve the problem - but thats a guess.

Thank you for your response. I have very few repositories, and I only have the packman repository installed (have never had videolan). I didn’t see this other thread, but it looks like maybe there’s a problem with one of the x64 xvid libraries as our systems seem very similar. I’ll try finding an older xvid to go back to and see if it helps.

Have you ever used the one-click-install ? I’ve read of cases where users installed via the one-click-install, and that can add repos. If one is not paying attention, one might not realize what one-click-install has done.

Good luck in your efforts.

No, I haven’t used the one-click install, and I just looked at my repository list and I don’t see anything that I didn’t add myself.

O.K., things are even stranger now. I ended up compiling xvid from source. I looked like everything installed correctly, but appearantly it didn’t because avidemux/ffmpeg gave errors (avidemux wouldn’t even start). I used Yast to uninstall, and then reinstall both packages and it said it needed to install the xvid libraries. I said O.K., and everything seems to be working fine now. (Purple splotches are gone! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, there is now a new issue in that encoding is taking forever. In windows (XP32) I get framerates of 55-60fps when encoding using both programs (avidemux/ffmpeg) but in SUSE64 I’m only getting 15fps. I tried messing with the threading options, but nothing seems to speed it up. Any ideas?

In case anyone else has this problem, it is definitely related to the Packman Xvid. I can recreate the purple splotches by switching back to the packman libxvid, and get rid of the problem by compiling xvid from source.

Unfortunately, xvid is still very slow when I compile from source, so if anybody has any ideas about that I’d greatly appreciate them.

Thanks again for your help oldcpu.

This thread still has active discussion on this topic if anybody is interested.