Purge Pending Repository Downloads?

I am a novice user of SUSE, which I installed from a live CD. The first time I tried to install some additional packages from the standard repository setup, I found a whole host of extra software was downloaded, including some with a Microsoft EULA (which out of habit I accepted!). On reflection, I can understand that the liveCD installation is a minimal one, and so it makes sence to add the remainder of the distro in this way.

But …

As I am a novice, I sometimes use the live CD to experiment with, on the grounds that if I do trash the system, nothing is permanently corrupted as nothing is committed to disk. This means that every time I connect to the repositories, the same suite of software is downloaded. I’ve looked for a way to turn this pending list off, but without success.

Can anyone suggest how I can flush the list of pending repository downloads before anything is installed?


They could be dependencies you need. i.e if you install a and it needs b that then needs c you’ll need ab and c to run a.

It’s unlikely to be installing anything you don’t need, though some dependencies are a little superfluous but there is nothing you can do as a novice user. Just accept them and move on.

Linux doesn’t install static libs it uses system libs which is one of the fundamental differences between linux and windows.

Apologies if I’m preaching to the choir…

Thanks for the response, but I’m still wondering …

The system does work without these packages - after all I can run the live cd without an internet connection at all. I’m experimenting with the live cd and trying to cut down my internet usage (and hence cost), so don’t want to download everything afresh at the start of each session.