Purge config files of uninstalled applications?

When I remove an application from YaST does it remove its config files too? If it does not, is there any command by which I can remove the config files for all the uninstalled applications?

  1. You can see which files are installed whith a package (we are talking about packages, not appllications) by selecting it in YaST > Software > Software management and using the appropriate Tab lower right. Thus you could at least copy that list before you de-install.

  2. Beware that those list can contain files and especialy directories that are also used by other packages, thus by simply deleting everything from the list that is still there after the de-install you could cripple your system.

  3. An application may have the possibility for you to create further configuration files apart from it’s standard ones (often the names of these files go into the main/standard one, but there can be other mechanisms). It is unlikely that these will be removed with the de-install.

  4. A variation on 3 above is that here is a general configration file in e.g. /etc, but that individual users can overwrite individual parameters by having extra configuration files in their home directories. It is very unlikely that a de-insall will go to the individual home directories of the users to look for those and to delete them.

In generxral I would not wory to much about these leftovers (I have no doubt there will be some over time). A fresh install of openSUSE (instead of upgrading, a possibility that only emerged with 11.2 and higher) would clean up things and is not a bad thing to do after say some years of doing upgrades.

So in other words there’s no “purge” option in zypper or yast so you have to remove all configs which can (and will) cause errors in the future manually. And no one in all OpenSUSE or other RPM distros communities gives a f*k about it. I can say this 'cause I have the same “home” directory from SUSE 9 (there was no “Open” in that times) and I know, that I have always clean configs by myself if anything go wrong after update or reinstall of software.
But I still like OpenSUSE much more than Debian ~_~

Perhaps we don’t give a fk about it because it’s no fking big deal>:):)" title=“Devil” border="">, that is, the problems that “will” happen seldom do. At least since SuSE 10 (was it written like that?) Ive kept my /home directory, and can’t recall offhand any such problem, EXCEPT that I ALWAYS rename .kde* before upgrading.
Once I got too paranoid with cruft in /home and backed it up, did a clean install and moved back selected folders. But it was just paranoia.