PureVPN not connecting cause of firewall setting - need help to allow

How do i allow my PureVPN through firewall? I can turn off the firewall and it connects fine…but only when i turn off firewall…
I have PureVPN set up in KDE Network Manager…followed all the steps for that and checked with tech support to make sure everything is set up to correctly…
Im using Linux 3.16.7-21-desktop

OpenSUSE 13.2 (Harlequin) (x86_64)
KDE Platform 4.14.9

I’m not familiar with PureVPN, but perhaps review the following


thank you!
I just tried to add to custom rules to allow port 1723 for tcp and udp with 0/0 for source in firewall but it still wont connect …

still able to connect just by turning the firewall off…I’m confused and not sure how to allow for PPTP VPN with port of 1723:\

thanks for finding that link …i did not see that before

So, I don’t have a good handle on this, but here it is mentioned that you can test PPTP connectivity (assuming that’s what you’re using) with

4.1: Check PPTP Protocol: You should open your **command prompt **by going to **Start **>**Run **and type **CMD, **press enter if using Windows. Open **terminal **if using **MAC/Linux **and type the following command:
telnet uk2.purevpn.net 1723
Press **Enter **& check the result. If it gives a blank screen on Windows, it means **PPTP **is working on your ISP. On Mac/Linux it will give you “connected“.

I think port 47 (GRE protocol) needs to be open

YaST > Firewall > Advanced > Allowed Services > Advanced > IP Protocol 47…

Others feel free to correct/advise further here…

I added a “47” to > Allowed Services > Netbios Server > Advanced > IP Protocols and i was able to connect!!:shame:
Thanks again!! I was also able to "telnet uk2.purevpn.net 1723" in terminal and get connected ! im believing all is good from here =)
Again thanks again!!
Not exactly sure yet if this means my connection to the internet is only going “through” the PureVPN…, but i am connected…

Glad to have been of help. Well done!

Not exactly sure yet if this means my connection to the internet is only going “through” the PureVPN…, but i am connected…

As a start, check ifconfig for ppp tunnel, and also a leak test eg


Glad to see that you were able to resolve the issue! If there is a need again or you need further assistance with one of the feature of PureVPN, don’t forget to contact our 24/7 live chat support on the website. Thanks! :slight_smile: