PURE local mailserver with Postifx?

Hi everybody!

I need a VERY basic local-only mail server, to receive status emails from various embedded devices, to be pulled from Thunderbird. Currently I’m using a Windos install for that, working fine for years, but I want to switch to a Linux machine :wink:

So basically I need only ONE account, to be sender and receiver (no password required), which will be monitored from a Thunderbird in the local network.

I tried looking around in the forum and on the interwebsthing, but could not find a short manual how to achieve this with e.g. Postfix…

Has anybody a link to something like that or can point me to the steps needed for Postfix (after installation in Yast, which I already did…)

Many thanks in advance!

You’ll probably find all you need reading the Postfox MAN pages, the “-help” and in particular studying the postfix config file. I don’t know if there is anything really unclear in those, and openSUSE provides you with a reasonable default configuration when installed (Should automatically support sending anything from an application running on the same machine by default and not requiring a username/password).

Beyond that,
I don’t know if you’ve considered what it is required to set up a mail server on the Internet, eg

  • Have you registered your email address with your Provider’s DNS? If not, then you need to configure an authorized SMTP relay to pass the mail inbound to your mail server.
  • Have you configured your DNS MX record?
  • Have you configured a DNS SPF record?

As for your PURE mailserver, that’s a somewhat unusual mail server (according to some Google results it appears to be more popular on Mac) but more than likely can be set up, configured and maintained based on common, gneric mail server principles… After all, basic POP/IMAP/other mail protocols are standards and behave the same way on all mailservers. Mail servers can save and serve your messages in individual files or in a database, there are common ways to manage and maintain whatever methods are in use (and of course the app documentation is important).

If you’ve tried something but found it doesn’t work, then post exactly what you did and the failed result.


Hi again! Thanks for suggestions! I made it work without a proper How-to with the documentation for postfix on their homepage and using dovecot-imap for access to emails via Thunderbird. It’s a REALLY local (LAN) mailbox for status emails from embedded devices I don’t want to be sent out to the internet :slight_smile: Works fine now!