Pure FUD from Microsoft

Now what a surprise, looks like Microsoft doesn’t like OpenOffice :wink:


[QUOTE=oysterboy;2238061]Now what a surprise, looks like Microsoft doesn’t like OpenOffice :wink:

Clearly, M$ or at least the video developer is scared enough about openoffice to resort to this sort of mud. Notice how quickly they switch from frame to frame so that you can’t read the comment sources, but hold the argument against openoffice just long enough to register a negative impact. I noticed they eluded to it being microsoft’s position without actually stating so, as that might be conscrewed as slander.

That kind of false advertising should be legislated against, except not so easy to police on the Net.

The only thing I see that’s valid there is the “slowness” to open the Office files in recent releases of oo.

I notice that ‘**Adding comments has been disabled for this video’… Funny that!!

Which is worse? the 5 minutes to open Microsoft office and .5 minutes to open a MO document or 2 minute to open openoffice and 3.5 minutes to open a OO document, use both and overall they take the same time just at different ends of the process.

OpenOffice is available in Windoze too. Many of the Windoze users do not know about OO. I think, this is a good advertisement that compel some of the frustrated M$Office users to try OO :slight_smile:

As Oscar Wilde said, the only thing worse than people talking about you is people not talking about you. Looks like OpenOffice is beginning to hurt and the publicity won’t hurt OpenOffice - as syampillai says it could be a good advertisement for OpenOffice.

I think that’s why they’re taking aim at it cause it does work well with M$ and is available under both OS’s. So if people learn or become comfortable with it, it may persuade them to try out Linux and there goes another customer/corporation right out from under them. We should send them a thankyou for the free advertising … opps they disabled respond … how interesting

I do feel this video is utter FUD if it was actually MS that made it.

But I also feel Linux needs a new advanced office package. Open Office is great for people that just need a word processor or spreadsheet stuff. Its stable. Works a charm. But it is lacking in features now compared to modern MS Office. Database, sorry, I am looking at you.

Theres 4 other office suites for Linux though isn’t there…

Gnome Office (abiword, Gnumeric?)
IBM Lotus Symphony
-Another paid for one I cant remember-

I wonder if any of the others will surpass Open Office and become as advanced as MS office.

I guess I am saying, I agree that video is a lame ‘b@%^ slap’ on Open Office. But Open Office does have a lot of catching up to do to get to MS Office level.

you missed VI in that list

it is possible to both, click thumbs down, AND when you do up will
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pick any of those and click “Flag This Video”

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tell your friends, lets push it up over a million dislikes!!

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reported as "misleading text "
of course if i were to install and run “openoffice.org” (the web site is that name)
the web site would do a VERY poor job on opining a document
web sites are not mean to write papers
to do that you need text editing software
sure you could use a editor that is built in to the website – but…

Funny thing is that this is bringing attention to OpenOffice.org where a lot of Microsoft users may not have heard about them. So are they really being hurt by OpenOffice.org sales, or is there an ulterior motive?

Let’s say, for instance, that Microsoft figures that it is easier for them to fight a more “traditional” office suite. And let’s say they are scared by those that can do Open Source “right”; able to make capable FOSS, know how to market, can get organized, etc.

Should it be a surprise that they woudl bring attention and attack OpenOffice.org just as it is being splintered (forked) into LibreOffice by companies more capable of making it fly, than Oracle? Or it could be, they are trying to strike it before Oracle CAN make it into a truly competitor product?

When I first saw this, the article I saw the link from said they counted the quotes and it came down to 14 different organizations. That’s all, 14 out of how many? Dunno.

Now Microsoft is announcing Office 365, online subscription for their cloud-based office to try and counter Google Docs’ offerings.

Sounds like they are realizing that Windows may be a stagnant product (can’t really grow from 90% of the world, can they?) but Office and some of their other money-making products are under assault and they stand to lose… a lot!

Microsoft tries to isolate openOffice and the linux way of thinking. That video in my opinion is propaganda in favor Microsoft. I had openOffice and still have without problems. Those lies must stop.

Now that you’ve upgraded to Tumbleweed, you would be using LibreOffice, no?

LibreOffice, but in this system who I have upgraded is not my nain system. My main system has 11.3 with openOffice. This pc is from my experiments.

Just voted thumbs down :slight_smile:

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While the video was probably MS blessed, it is not obvious to me it comes from MS directly. The fact is most major companies have conservative IT depts., and I would be willing to wager the overwhelming majority share the view that MS Office is the standard and whatever its issues or problems are small and will always be overlooked, compared to whatever unknowns would come from switching to LibreOffice. Every time I bring up the word, “Linux” while at work, I get laughs. The fact is most people are so used to MS Windows with MS Office, I think the GNU/Linux community needs to forget about the negative perceptions of using open source and simply move on! If you, me, we like it, it is great, why do we always feel the need to educate others? Perceptions change at a very slow pace - look at the USA for instance, we are still fighting the civil war nearly 150 years later and the issues surrounding the Scopes trial still remain relevant today. I recall when OS/X was young and one of the major applications Apple touted was now available for OS/X was MS Office, and when there was a feud between MS & Apple about 10 years ago, there were concerns that Office for Macs might be canceled and that would have been a real bummer for Mac enthusiasts at that time even though they supposedly prefer OS/X to Windows; seems like weak support to me if the lack of Office for Macs would be a deal breaker for some Mac owners, but most companies have standardized on MS Office and MS will never risk that cash cow for as long as they can remain in control of their proprietary standards.

On 04/08/2011 06:36 PM, RichardET wrote:
> Office and MS will never risk that cash cow for as long as they can
> remain in control of their proprietary standards.

and foreign governments will continue pushing for open document
standards, and suing MS to comply…

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I just got back from SAS Global 2011 last night; while there I talked with the JMP support team and guess what? JMP 8 used to be available in Linux, Windows, Mac versions, but JMP 9 is only for Windows and Mac. This type of spotty Linux support by major developers seems to be chronic and I think we in the open source community need to accept this and focus our energies on improving GNU/Linux for ourselves and whomever wants to use the system and forget about forcing proprietary software companies to jump onto our train.