puppet master on openSUSE?


I use openSUSE (Leap 15.1 at present) for my desktops and am thinking of using puppet to manage the growing number of physical & virtual servers with a variety of OSes … but I can’t find an easy install path for puppet master & db at a reasonably recent build (e.g. version 6.19).

Is there a reason why puppet seems to have dropped off openSUSE around the time Leap 15.0 was released?

Is anyone using puppet on oS Leap?


I do not know the reason of this change but I found this https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/autoyast/html/book-autoyast/cha-configuration-installation-options.html#CreateProfile-ConfigurationManagement

If you have specific issues or questions, if you post those then people can suggest easy (hopefully!) ways to overcome.
Although I don’t use Puppet/Chef/SALT/etc I can’t imagine why openSUSE would pose any unusual problems.

And, although SALT is officially supported and AutoYaST is a powerful tool unique to openSUSE, those are not the only ways you can deploy.

I myself prefer to write install and configuration scripts that are run in generic openSUSE (and sometimes SUSE) which makes special machines I manage maybe not “zero touch” but only one-touch. An example is what I posted recently that sets up a LEAP 15.2 for installing ocsinventory
I also have posted similar scripts (some are obsolete but still contain valuable techniques) in my Wiki

From what I’ve seen of Puppet, I can’t imagine what kind of problems a person would run into…


Thanks @thibdb13 and @tsu2. I’m looking for an administration system which I can use multi-distribution (including openSUSE, Ubuntu, CentOS) … I’ll check out SALT.