Hello Everyone

During the installation of 11.2 M8 I enabled pulse-audio and now it seems I have alsa and pulseaudio installed. Sound is working, but for example in the latest skype, my mic isnt recording. Just as info: on Kubuntu, where only pulseaudio and the latest skype was installed, all went fine.

So I would like to replace alsa completely by pulseaudio on 11.2.
I went to yast, and removed the alsa package completely but then I get a conflict telling me about yast2-sound package problems. Is it save to also uninstall this package.

Woops: during writing this post I did some test in the multimedia-settings where I moved pulseaudio up in the list and tried a test-playback. I get a notification that pulseaudio isnt working? Any ideas on that?

Any help is appreciated.


By the way: are there plans on having PulseAudio the default for opensuse soon? All other distros seem to move there…

You might look around these forums and see that for some of us the fix is to remove pulseaudio not ALSA, and that pulseaudio comes by default with Gnome.

PulseAudio is a real trash. Brings only suffering. Should be banned until is made to work properly, if ever, as I hear.

Just some terminology corrections. One does not replace “alsa completely” with pulse. One can replace alsa completely with OSS, although there is no real OSS support in most forums.

Here is a link to openSUSE sound concepts guide to help clear up some terminology: Sound-concepts - openSUSE Pulse is more or less a layer on top of the alsa driver.

I suspect you mean to say you wish to use Pulse instead of the alsa API.