Does anybody know how to start pulseaudio in SuSE 11.1?

I’ve never had to “start” Pulse in 11.1. To the best of my knowledge, it is “started” by default.

You can read up more here on openSUSE sound concepts: Sound-concepts - openSUSE

If you are a gnome user, I’ve read some useful pulse audio utilities are:

If you are using kde4 then pulseaudio may not be installed. I thought only the gnome version had pulseaudio installed.

Pulse audio is installed in KDE4. It is also installed in KDE3. But the extent of the installation is different.

well, thanks for replays :). I used to manage not only pulse audio but compiz after several tries of instalation. I succeed when I install only gnome, update online and install nvidia drivers - then it worked - pulse audio and compiz. At the end I install kde 3.5 and now audio is great :)(I used to install gnome together with kde 3.xx, updated them and then install nvidia drivers), even vlc do not freeze system when is switched to 5.1, but vlc 5.1 still does not work. But xine’s 5.1 works fine :slight_smile:
Actually the idea of pulse audio is great, now it is easy to change the audio stream for every application to the audio card I want.