Pulseaudio recognises audio from optical in, no playback

Trying to get sound out from a virtual machine that has my mobo’s integrated audio passed trough.
My host has a sound card, and I have the two connected with SPDIF.
The problem is that I can’t get the optical audio in to play on the host.
Pavucontrol can see the audio signal. My system plays audio fine from other sources.


You’ll have to provide additional information…

The virtualization technology you’re using.
The HostOS.
The GuestOS.
Whether the problem is only with the one file or with several types of files, eg MP3, MP4, etc.
Whether you can hear system beeps and other sounds from your Guest.
When you say that you don’t have problems with other audio inputs, it might be useful for you to list those.
What kind of optical connection are you using, HDMI, a local file, something else?
What player are you using to play the file?

You might be right that your audio is being seen by Pavucontrol, but describe how you know this to be true.