Pulseaudio-equalizer tutorial

Newly installed 15.4 XFCE. I use pulseaudio and have sound from the mother board analog outputs with Smplayer, mocp and VLC. Would someone please point me to a present day version tutorial on setting up pulseaudio-equalizer as I have been unable to get any effect from it.

I switched to this https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/multimedia:proaudio/JDSP4Linux now I only use it on Tumbleweed with Pipewire, interested in trying out this instead?

You need <https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/multimedia:/proaudio/15.4/x86_64/JDSP4Linux-common-2.3+37-lp154.1.1.x86_64.rpm&gt; and <https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/multimedia:/proaudio/15.4/x86_64/JDSP4Linux-pulseaudio-2.3+37-lp154.1.1.x86_64.rpm&gt;

Ref: GitHub - Audio4Linux/JDSP4Linux: An audio effect processor for PipeWire and PulseAudio clients

Another option is switching from pulseaudio to pipewire, see https://dev.to/drunckj/switching-to-pipewire-opensuse-guide-1cop, and then install easyeffects for it’s equalizer. That’s my current solution after pulseaudio-equalizer quit working for me. Here’s the packages you should end up with for pipewire:

> sudo zypper se -i pipewire wireplumber
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                      | Summary                                                       | Type
i+ | gstreamer-plugin-pipewire | Gstreamer Plugin for PipeWire                                 | package
i  | libpipewire-0_3-0         | A Multimedia Framework designed to be an audio and video se-> | package
i  | libwireplumber-0_4-0      | Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire          | package
i  | pipewire                  | A Multimedia Framework designed to be an audio and video se-> | package
i+ | pipewire-alsa             | PipeWire media server ALSA support                            | package
i+ | pipewire-libjack-0_3      | PipeWire libjack replacement libraries                        | package
i  | pipewire-modules-0_3      | Modules For PipeWire, A Multimedia Framework                  | package
i+ | pipewire-pulseaudio       | PipeWire PulseAudio implementation                            | package
i  | pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2  | Plugins For PipeWire SPA                                      | package
i  | pipewire-spa-tools        | The PipeWire SPA Tools                                        | package
i  | pipewire-tools            | The PipeWire Tools                                            | package
i  | wireplumber               | Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire          | package
i  | wireplumber-audio         | Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire (audio-> | package

Besure to install easyeffects with --recommends if you have turned off recommends with yast or in your zypp.conf file.


PS This package, easyeffects, may not be available for Leap. My apologies if it’s not.


I found your earlier thread about your disappointment with pulse-effects. You won’t like easyeffects any better, it’s the pipewire follow on to pulse-effects. Sorry for the noise.


I am 78 years old with acceptable hearing, but with high frequency loss as is normal for old people. All I want is a simple 10 band equaliser to adjust online music and videos that are frequently mixed for multi-speaker output, to play on my desktop Logitech system. Just frequency adjustment. Why is this so difficult? Not just in Leap, but other distros as well. If I had a bigger desk, I would consider a physical equaliser, but 10 band stereo makes the unit bigger than the footprint of my desktop computer.

I was never able to get Calf plugins working until I installed pipewire on Tumbleweed, but things may be different in Leap. You could try installing calf and lv2-calf, then use one of the equalizers they provide, 5, 8, 12, and 30 bands. Check them out at https://calf-studio-gear.org.


Thanks for the link. I installed Calf and I think it will do everything I want. Now I need to read what has to be changed system wide.

I understand your pain but don’t have any good advice or explanation on this sadly. I also think this should be easier.