Pulseaudio-equalizer how to run it

I was trying to use pulseaudio-equalize but whatever I did (changing presets, on-offs) it never work. Finally I found solution to that problem.
According to this blog one needs to create a softlink to missing library. Here is code:

ln -s /usr/lib64/ladspa/mbeq_1197.so  mbeq_1197.so

After that equalizer works.

Just in case it might help others.


The complete sequence starting from a terminal opened by a normal user is:

bruno@LT-B:~> su -
LT-B:~ # cd /usr/lib64
LT-B:/usr/lib64 # ln -s /usr/lib64/ladspa/mbeq_1197.so  mbeq_1197.so

Thanks for pointing that out.

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Thanks for the tip, been trying to use it for a while.

Thanks OrsoBruno, it was important to create that link in /usr/lib64 directory.

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