PulseAudio: Elminating output from input

I cannot play through network, because output of game are recorded. I have read other systems (MacOS X, Windows, Android) eliminates this by software. I also read, there exist module for PulseAudio, which do the same, but not included to mainstream. I search software.opensuse.org for it, but found nothing. When could be this solution included in mainstream or in OpenSuSE Tumbleweed?

It would be cool if you included links to where you have seen/read this.


2. Audio subsystem:

No reliable echo cancellation (if you use a normal microphone and speakers in many cases you won’t be able to use Skype and other VoIP services normally). Windows, Android and MacOS implement it on a system level. There’s a solution for PulseAudio - hopefully it’ll be enabled by default in the future or/and there’ll be an easier way to use it.

And that's true some people tell me he/she hear noise, when I was talking using Skype. The same, when I was using TeamSpeaker to play games.

Ok. Things changed and I have found this solution, but I was not tested it yet.