PulseAudio doesn't detect Logitech wireless headphones

I’m running into a strange issue after a fresh install of openSUSE: When I go into YaST2 -> Hardware -> Sound, I can see two of my audio devices (the one integrated into the motherboard, the HDMI audio of the video card) but not the third one (wireless Logitech headphones using a nano-receiver). I tried plugging the receiver in and out of USB ports but the device no longer pops up there any more. The issue doesn’t seem to affect ALSA so I get sound just fine in most programs, but with applications that use Pulseaudio this might be an issue. How do I understand why PA doesn’t detect my headphones then make it see the device?

An observation: When I set the output of Audacious to PulseAudio, I hear the music correctly into my headphones. So PA itself should be detecting and properly using the right device. But then why don’t they appear in the YaST2 - Audio menu?

Fire up ‘pavucontrol’ and see if you can select it from there.

My headphones appear correctly there. It seems to be just the YaST2 - Audio menu they’re missing from. This honestly shouldn’t break anything from the looks of it, but I’m still making sure that’s normal since in the past I had to configure them from there too.