Pulse audio volume control does not allow changes or selections

I am having a problem trying to get the microphone of my logitech webcam to work in skype.

Looking at other threads in the forum, one solution seems to be to use the pulse audio volume control to select the appropriate input stream while skype is running. I start up pavucontrol but for some reason I cannot change any of the sliders and non of the dropdown (V) menus work. For example, I start skype and under the “Recording” page of PA vol control, I see the stream appear, but the selection drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen marked “Show” only shows “Applications” and I cannot select “streams” (as suggested in other thread) to change the input device selection.

Funny thing is, pavucontrol shows that there is input - the meter shows it, but for some reason it does not get into skype.

Anyone experience this failure of pavucontrol to allow changes? If so did you get it to work?

This is Suse 12.1, 32-bit version. The 64-bit version on another machine has no problem with skype, but exhibits the same failure to operate any control over pavucontrol.

Yes, I had the same problem. Here is the possible solution.
The cause of the problem is that Pulse Audio thinks that the webcam is a separate sound card, so it keeps the input disconnected from the system.

To correct the problem, run terminal as root, start “alsamixer”. It is necessary to circumvent the P.A. restrictions.

In “alsamixer” push F6, this will give you a menu for sound card selection, select your USB beauty, then push F4 and select appropriate mic input from this card as system default. Close “alsamixer” and go back to “pavucontrol”.

Wish you happy SKYPEing!