Pulse Audio - Microphone doesnt work

Hi everybody,

i just upgraded from Skype to 2.1.047.
Now my microphone isn’t working anymore and i cannot select it in the skype options. From now on i can only select the PulseAudio server …

So i have read some howtos for PulseAudio. They say i should starte PulseAudio Volume Control. ok…
Now i should go to the tab “Recording”. This tab doesnt exist on my pc. I upgraded to the latest version of this volume control. It still doesnt exist.

I am using OpenSuse 11.0 with KDE4.3
Thanks in advance for your help!

Here are some screenshots:

PS: My mic is still working with applications, that dont use pulseaudio.

I finally fixed it.

After i uninstalled PulseAudio completely i can now choose again my soundcard in Skype options.
I searched for “pulse” in the packet-manager and unistalled it all.

Glad to read you now have this working. Congratulations! And thankyou for sharing your solution.

i can’t understand why Pulse Audio is installed by default. It really sucks full time.
I have also had a bag of problems with it. I also wiped it from the System.

uninstall it and use esound, from what i can tell there are unresolved high cpu issues with it / choppy sound…etc…i even used the very latest modules the developer provided -no go…