Pulse audio message when use a script to launch firefox

I use some scripts to launch websites from the konsole. google website example:
firefox “www.google.com” &
exit 0

And when ever I do this I get the following sound message, is this normal?

dhr@kermit:~> google
dhr@kermit:~> Currently in use: 1 blocks containing 64.0 KiB bytes total.
Allocated during whole lifetime: 30 blocks containing 969.3 KiB bytes total.
Sample cache size: 0 B
User name: dhr
Host Name: kermit
Server Name: pulseaudio
Server Version: 0.9.14
Default Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 44100Hz
Default Sink: auto_null
Default Source: alsa_input.pci_8086_293e_sound_card_0_alsa_capture_0
Cookie: 229d7552