Pulse audio libraries are GONE

I have no Pulse Audio libraries anymore…not sure how they got deleted. Sound is working fine though…I wasn’t using Pulse to begin with, but don’t understand what happened to them…think they got deleted in going to KDE 4.4.1 rel 228 today. Should I have those libraries installed for any reason? If so, what should I install? thanks

PS: If I go to Yast, under multimedia, I know longer see Pulse as an option…only hda_snd_intel or whatever. Befuddled :slight_smile:

Probably some benevolent force deleted it for you lol!. You don’t say which version of openSUSE you are running but pulseaudio is no longer installed by default in 11.2 because of so many problems.

You are better off without it.

yeah…it’s 11.2…I had virtualbox using pulse, and when i started vb, i got an audio error and changed the audio from pulse to Alsa …strange…I know I’m better without just don’t understand what happened? :open_mouth:

nah…i lost pulse when I changed my system packages to Packman…believe that’s when it happened.

Unless he/she actually having multiple sound support, pulse helps if you have more then one sound app open at a time.