Pub Rel 12.2 two problems

Problem #1:
The time. It is not fixed -and- I will take the blame. Carlos told me to report it -but- it appeared that there were 3 or 4 reports on it already. We installed the latest and greatest ‘Public Release’ and our time is off by 7 hours. The ‘/etc/adjtime’ was not just wrong … it wasn’t there!! So, we created one and set the last line to ‘LOCAL’. Re-Booted and the time is correct. IF you do not have an adjtime in your /etc dir then you will also have to create one… as follows

0.0 0 0.0
LOCAL -or- UTC … one or the other NOT both.

Problem #2:
This one involves .xinitrc. We like to have two terminal Windows created and opened during our boot. Been doing that since version 6.2. This occurred in RC2 -but- went away by a strange ‘fix’. We have a Triple boot system and prior to this day, 11.4 was our main system. We booted up into it by accident and immediately exited and re-booted into 12.2 RC2. The xterms appeared -and- in the correct size -and- positions. We can not duplicate this ‘fix’ cause we replaced the 11.4 with this new 12.2.

During Start-up we will see the xterms flash on the screen in the correct positions and sizes. This happens just before the march of the devices. First one being a Hard Disk -and- for the life of me can’t remember what the others are!! Anyway, that is not important. What is … is that when the Desktop finally appears… both xterm windows are plastered against the top of the screen and about 8 lines to short. Looks like they have take on the ‘Failsafe’ values.

We can close out both windows and click on the .xinitrc inside of a Dolphin widow and the terminal windows will get created in the correct positions and the correct sizes.

Any ideas as to what might be the cause for this .xinitrc problem??? We are using the supplied .xintrc template as a base to create our .xinitrc and only adding the following lines: (in the spot where it says ‘Add your own lines here…’)

xterm -geometry 100x35+385+180
-fg Black -bg NavajoWhite -sb
-title NavajoWhite
-fn 8x13 &

xterm -geometry 100x35+165+390
-title For_coding
-fn 8x13 &

Take care and thanks in advance for any and all help or suggestions,

This is not a clever way to advertise your problem to those who know more about your subject.

Please one problem per thread. And every thread with a good title of itself that will draw the attention of people that think they know something about it.

Take a few seconds to contemplate how these things work: people glance through the subjects/titles and make a first selection in what might be interesting. Just saying “Problem” is the same as as saying nothing because this is allready in a forum for problems. And saying Two Problems will shy people away because many will not like it to get involved in a babylonic discussion about several problems in one thread. :frowning:

It is you that wants a solution, thus it is you that should try to make it easy for the potential helpers to help you. It is in your interest.

Ok. Sorry. Thought that the time was more of a “notice” than anything. The .xinitrc is my main concern so you could remove this message and I will re-post.


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