Pssh/parallel-ssh not working

I am migrating from Ubuntu and CentOS over to opensuse and I can’t get pssh to work after:
zypper install pssh

A basic run of pssh afterwards gives an error about inconsistent use of tabs and spaces. I fixed the 3 lines that were tabs instead of spaces and then get an error in psshutils about a missing library. Using pyenv, I have tried to get pssh working on 2.7, 3.5, and 3.9. Even with 2.7 I can’t seem to get passed a required import named ‘version’, that seems to be python 2 only, but it looks as though Ubuntu has found a way to install it there anyways.

What I think is happening is:

  • parallel-ssh is only a lib. each platform has had to write/maintain their own client to enable non lib use of it.
  • the opensuse 15.4 version is meant for python2 still, but is installing it for python3, so there is some uplift work to do.

Does anyone have a better understanding of what is happening with this package / why it doesn’t work / or better yet, how to get it working on 15.4?



Your bugreport for reference:

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