PS/2 Keyboard Non-Responsive on SUSE 12.3 Install Screen

While attempting to install SUSE 12.3 from a checksum verified ISO, the install menu screen was retrieved and displayed but did not respond to any keyboard input; at all. Many threads I read suggested replacing a USB keyboard with a PS/2 version to solve the same problem. My solution was opposite. Using a Logitech USB keyboard (64bit machine on an ASUS motherboard) solved the problem.

While debugging the issue I did enter the BIOS interface on one attempt to ensure that the USB keyboard was “enabled” and yes, it had already been. I never found an obvious place in the BIOS i/f which would tell if the PS/2 keyboard had been enabled so I gave up the search and settled for the USB keyboard which worked fine. That’s my story and I hope it helps someone else avoid my pain.

I’ve been using SUSE since 9.n days and have never encountered this issue before. Siiiiigh For the past many releases new installs have ‘just worked’ on both my 32 and 64 bit machines. Now in 12.3 I’ve run into 3 separate show-stopping issues. Then again, I skipped 12.2 so can’t speak for that.

Thanks for your input, my guess is the kernel team forgot to enable PS/2 in the kernel or maybe in kernel 3.7 it is no longer supported.

Hmmm, strange then that my PS/2 keyboard still works without problems (on install screen, bootmenu and in KDE)…:open_mouth:

wolfi323, is your system 32-bit or 64-bit?

I recently installed openSuSE 12.3 32-bit KDE on a fairly old HP a730n desktop computer with both keyboard and mouse connected via PS/2. Everything worked correctly during installation, subsequent boots, and normal use. These BIOS settings have nothing about the keyboard. There is a BIOS setting for PS/2 mouse, set to Auto Detect.

One difference for a3ek_jd is the 64-bit architecture on his machine.


My main system is 64bit, but I also have a 32bit system with a PS/2 keyboard and no problems.

So much for the suggestion, that the kernel wouldn’t support PS/2…
That’s clearly NOT the case! :wink:
The kernel supports PS/2 just fine.

Does your 64-bit system use a PS/2 keyboard?

And a PS/2 mouse. (well, actually an USB mouse connected via an adapter to the PS/2 connector on the mainboard)

I have no trouble with PS/2 here, mouse via adapter or keyboard.

Is there a KVM involved?

There is no KVM in my case.