Proxy in browser or system-wide

Hi again colleagues susers,

If you have a VPN service, what’s the best way to configure it - use only in browser or in a system (so all network goes through VPN?).
I’ve found Proxy setting in Firefox. It may be not the best idea to send all traffic through VPN, so Firefox-only can be an option.
This is just workaround for censorship, which makes no sense in a country.
Or in whole-system case, it’s just Openvpn package I suppose.

I’m not really a specialist so what is the better way - browser (no extensions, its Firefox option) or Openvpn package?

There are different kinds of encrypted connections…

HTTPS/SSL is one kind, but it only supports the hypertext (and other text) protocol.

A VPN is a different kind of protocol, commonly referenced as a “tunnel” because the above which encrypts text directly, a VPN can be thought of as wrapping around protocols and content which ordinarily aren’t encrypted.

Each has its use, so for instance an HTTPS connection is good for tiny files, typical of web pages… But does not perform as well transferring very large files.

With a VPN, because it supports almost any kind of traffic, whatever you connect to can be much more than simply a website, you might connect to an entire private network, complete with its own security and network resources.

If as you say all you want to do is surf with relative anonymity, then your better choice likely would be something like the Tor Browser Bundle

But, the TBB only supports web surfing and email for the most part.
If you want to do anything else with relative anonymity, then you’ll probably want to use a VPN of some sort.


If you want openSUSE software updates to go through the proxy, then configure it system-wide. Otherwise configure for just the browser(s) that you use.

So I managed to set up a Vpn using Openvpn. And Vpn service has provided me with such special config files that I doubt I can put all that information into Firefox, or at least, it may be less secure. After all, it seems that SSL fields and Socks5 fields should be filled out.
It is better to be able to download larger files indeed. It seems like https mostly, encrypted 2nd time afaik.
Isp might just become suspicious over time as whole traffic goes through single server, but that may be not a problem - just to change server or turn off tunnel.
Well, at least I got it working for whole system. Thanks!