ProtonVPN API Error

I installed protonvpn-gui in Yast on my Tumbleweed system and I’m getting an “Unkown API error” when I enter my username and password in the GUI.

See attached screenshot.

try this

I don’t see a way to downgrade urllib3 to the version noted on this github post.

Open Yast Software in the search field do a search for urllib3 you should see the version in which to downgrade to.

It looks like I have the lowest version available installed. See screenshot:

What does one do in this situation?

You install the 126.16 for py10 and 11 it will bring up a dialog box that it will need to deinstall the other versions of these packages. It is safe I have done this myself.

Won’t these just update to the latest version once I do a zypper dup in the future?

I haven’t had any issues with that happening.

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Ok, that worked to let me login to the application but now I get a popup when I try to connect to a server asking me to provide the secrets for the connection. I enter my protonvpn password and it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

This has been fixed in the protonvpn-nm-lib-3.16.0. I tried finding it in the standard repos for Tumbleweed but no luck. I had add a repo from OBS Show home:escarzador - openSUSE Build Service This is the only one that contained the 3.16 release. Sorry I forgot to mention this in my earlier post.