Proton games with switch from nvidia to amd

I just moved to an amd graphics card. For the most part, its great and I can confirm that it is working. System recognizes it and it runs native games no problem.

I have not been able to launch ANY proton game. Usually there is no error message, it just silently does not work. However, No Man’s Sky gave some crazy windows error about old / missing drivers. Now, all I did was remove anything with the name nvidia on my system and rebooted, but I am wondering if I may have missed something. I am trying to avoid a complete reinstall. Thanks for any help!

Do a „steam —reset“ and/or delete ~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/<yourid>/config/localconfig.vdf
Steam is still using Nvidia settings or system informations.

If it does not run any Windows game, you need to make sure that Proton is enabled at all.

Hm, well, thanks for the suggestions. I have tried both of those things plus a reboot and – other than various games deciding to present a new EULA – there is unfortunately no change.

Proton is definitely set. I have been switching between various versions, double checked protondb, etc.

I’m currently monkeying around in the steam settings – switched to beta and reset the shader thingie. Cross your fingers I guess.

Okay, I got it. I noticed an error message when running steam via terminal about not finding vulkan driver blah blah. So, I checked and there were virtually no vulkan things installed. I installed several, so I am not sure which ones did the trick, but I am guessing it was the vulkan-mesa packages.