Propagation of KDE 4.8 proxy settings to firefox and chromium


is proxy settings in KDE 4.8 for opensuse 12.1 propagated also to firefox and chromium? It works in KDE 4.7.x but proxy settings changes in KDE 4.8.x

thanks, miso

So, did you update openSUSE 12.1 to KDE 4.8 and now your proxy settings stopped working? Its my understanding that the proxy bug in KDE 4.8 was fixed in 4.8.2, but I don’t use a proxy setup in KDE 4.8 and I do have 4.8.2 working, but no proxy is being used by me. So, can you be more descriptive of your exact setup and what is not working for you?

Thank You,

I finally upgraded to KDE 4.8.3 and result is that proxy propagation from KDE works in chromium but it doesn’t work in firefox.

thank you