prompting for hostname during pre-install script

I have created an autoyast install. Is it possible to prompt for a hostname during pre-install script? If so, please share your code.

Thank you in advance.


The SLES SP3 autoyast documentation which should also work for openSUSE suggests specifying your hostname in an “answer file”



Thank you for the response. However, I want to make the hostname be user specified during install. Creating a static entry in the autoyast.xml file will not work for me. I have read the documentation that I can do this by creating a prescript and creating a “/tmp/profile/modified.xml” via this prescript. However, my issue is that my script is not even being run…I think. I couldn’t check this because I cannot change TTYs during install to see the logs or even have a prompt.


if you check 4.19 in the configuration document that tsu2 linked it explains <ask>
Currently this works for me (Autoyast in 13.2) in the XML tree under <profile> <general> <asklist>

<ask><pathlist config:type="list"><path>networking,dns,hostname</path></pathlist><question>Enter Hostname for PC</question></ask>